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Resplendent Roads of Sri Lanka




  • Golden Temple
  • 5 cave sanctuaries


  • Bicycle Ride in Polonnaruwa Ancient City
  • Temples
  • Dagobasy
  • Vatadage
  • Stone carvings
  • Moonstones


  • Ancient rock fortress
  • tuk-tuk ride
  • Lion Gate
  • Sigiriya Wewa
  • Local customs
  • Traditional arts and crafts
  • Pottery
  • Coconut husk handicrafts
  • Bullock cart ride


  • Spice garden


  • Temple of the Tooth
  • Lake Kandy
  • City Tour In Kandy
  • Gem Factory

Resplendent Roads of Sri Lanka

Offering you the best of Sri Lanka holidays, we have combined adventure travel with cultural sightseeing visits on this delightful Sri Lanka travel itinerary. Enjoy cycling to an archaeological site, whizzing through city traffic on a charming tuk-tuk, and a trek along country roads.

Experience all the wonder of 4 marvellous UNESCO World Heritage sites of Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, and Kandy and learn about Sri Lanka’s glorious and inspiring past. Immerse yourself in Sri Lankan village life with a bullock cart ride. Meet friendly, hospitable locals and learn about their customs and skilful crafts.



Day 1

Our holiday trip to Sri Lanka begins with the transfer from your hotel or airport in Colombo to Dambulla. In Dambulla we will visit the Golden Temple, a complex of 5 cave sanctuaries carved out of natural rock dating back to the 2nd century BC when it was the site of a Buddhist monastery. The caves were later turned into a temple in the 1st century BC and were subsequently adorned with stunning murals and a great number of statues representing Buddha and scenes from his life. Also known as Ran Giri (“golden rock”), it gets its name from the fact that the interior of the caves was gilded with gold in the late 12th century. Inside the first cave temple called Deva Raja Viharaya, one statue, in particular, representing a reclining Buddha measures 14m long and attracts pilgrims and visitors from all over the world. This first day of our Sri Lanka travel itinerary ends with check-in at Sigiriya hotel.

Day 2

After breakfast, the day’s Sri Lanka itinerary begins with a drive from Sigiriya to Polonnaruwa, one of the most impressive travel sites in Sri Lanka. This ancient city became the capital city after the fall of Anuradhapura. It reached its golden age in the 12th century when it became the royal residence of King Parakramabahu. The vast archaeological site contains numerous temples and dagobas. Perhaps the most beautiful structure in Polonnaruwa is the elevated circular relic house called Vatadage. It is decorated with ornate stone carvings all around and contains four Buddha statues facing in each direction. Exquisite examples of fine stonemasonry are the moonstones at each of the entrances. Next on our Sri Lanka tour itinerary is a ride from your Sigiriya hotel to the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya in a characteristic tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled vehicle that provides a fun way to get around and beat city traffic. The ruins of the ancient fortress, built in the 5th century by King Kassapa (477–95), are situated at the summit of a colossal granite rock standing about 200m high. Walk through the famous Lion Gate with its gargantuan paws to begin your climb to the top by way of a series of galleries and staircases. The day comes to a close with the return to our Sigiriya hotel for some rest and relaxation.

Day 3

After breakfast and check-out, our Sri Lanka adventure continues with a delightful trek along the man-made rainwater reservoir just south of the moat surrounding the rock fortress, Sigiriya Wewa, to reach a typical Sri Lankan village. Learn about local customs and traditional arts and crafts, such as unique pottery and coconut husk handicrafts. See how natural fibre made from coconut husk is used to make diverse products and handicrafts. Complete your Sri Lankan village experience with a bullock cart ride down village roads. The day’s Sri Lanka tour itinerary then heads south to Kandy. Before arriving in Kandy we will stop at Matale along the way and visit a spice garden. Sri Lanka has been world- renowned since ancient times for its spices which grow abundantly and in great variety throughout the land. Upon arrival in Kandy, the last capital of Singhalese kings before British takeover, enjoy a city tour with a visit to the Temple of the Tooth. Resting on the shore of Lake Kandy, the temple is one of the country’s most important temples since it houses the sacred tooth relic of Buddha. Besides the temple explore the market square, visit a gem factory, and take in spectacular views of the city and surrounding hills. Check-in at Kandy hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 4

After breakfast and check-out, our Sri Lanka adventure continues with a delightful trek along the man-made After breakfast and check-out from Kandy hotel, our Sri Lanka adventure is complete with transfer to your hotel in Colombo or to Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo.

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A basic yet point by point manual for the regions of Sri Lanka to enable you to pick the goals that you most need to investigate amid your Sri Lanka occasion.