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Whale & Dolphin Watching in Sri lanka

Whale & Dolphin Watching in Sri lanka

Whale and dolphin watching in Sri Lanka has always been a very exciting activity. The thrill that you these expeditions mainly during the morning and afternoon, while the morning trip is considered the best to get when you witness these beautiful and mammoth creatures is always humbling. You can enjoy try it out.

Your clothing should always be comfortable. We suggest shorts or long pants. Shoes with rubber soles are advised while safety jackets and gear are provided by the expedition organizers. Sunscreen is suggested since you will be spending a good couple of hours out in the ocean. The boat ride would be at times choppy and for those who get sea sick should take precautions prior to boarding the boat. A pair of binoculars and your camera equipment can be taken aboard so that you will be able to document your excursion every step of the way.

It is always wise to check the weather conditions on the day of your trip so that you are prepared beforehand. Even though there are predicted monsoon seasons, you should be well geared for sudden downpours. Make sure that all excursion reservations are made in advance so that it suits your schedule. We suggest that you arrive at the docks earlier than the specified departure time.


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